Dear beautiful.

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Dear beautiful,

I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.

The twinkle in your eye.

The glow of  your radiating skin.

The gentle smile.

Your goofy grin.

The creases around your eyes that show you have filled your life with laughter.

Your intelligence radiates from every part of your being.

Your body has nurtured another being.

Your curves encapsulate a soul worth loving.

Your outward body is only a small part of you.

Perhaps, you can’t see the things I see.

The shimmer in  your hair, the easy way it frames your face.

Your hands are strong, creased, warm.

Your middle is your middle.

It doesn’t need refining.

It isn’t too big or too small, it is just you.

Please love yourself, your shape, your unique and simple beauty.

Tell yourself that you are beautiful.

Repeat it everyday.

Be confident.

You’re captivating. Amazing.

I wish you could see yourself, with love, with compassion, with acceptance.


Your friend.





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