Tree frog

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This story is too funny not to share. 

We were about to load ourselves back into the car to head home from my Granny’s in Paris, TN. Liam shouted that he had found a frog. 

It was nestled into the driver’s side door handle of our gray van. I yelled for all the kids and my Granny to come look at it. We were ohhhing and ahhhing over the small frog. Each kid trying to gently touch it. I picked the pale green frog up, his body feeling slightly sticky and a lot squishier than the frog I held last week in Florida. Grant asked if he was dead. He wasn’t, just holding tightly onto my finger. Everyone was taking turns touching his back. 

He was sitting on my left palm, face pointed towards the tips of my fingers. I was talking to my grandmother when I looked down and see the frog’s butt raise up. Clear liquid shoots straight back towards me. Liquid goes all over my hand and sprays my shirt. I reactively throw the frog into the air. He flies up, lands on Grant’s shirt and starts climbing his neck. Grant begins giggling as the frog tickles him.

We all start rolling in laughter. My Granny laughing and saying that I’m going to get warts now because he peed on me. I lift the frog off of Grant and place him in the nearest tree. I immediately went inside to wash my hands and shirt of the frog pee. I so wish we had a video of the whole incident. So much laughter. Here is a picture of the little guy.


One thought on “Tree frog

    Tabitha said:
    June 16, 2016 at 6:18 am

    I like your tagline: “This story is too funny not to share.” I most enjoy the things people share that are happy thoughts and moments.

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