The Big 4

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Today Grant turned four. We had a day filled with donuts, and playing outside. We headed to Nuvo Donuts for breakfast. Grant had a Captain Crunch donut.

We had a low key party, which included a friend with her three boys and my mom and step-dad. Grant is into dinosaurs right now. The other day he explained how he wanted his cake to look. He described one that had a volcano and dinosaurs on it. It took me five minutes to get that he wanted an Anklyosaurus birthday cake. Sadly, I didn’t even try to make an Anklyosaurus cake, but I did make a sugar filled cake with a volcano made out of donuts. Grant was very insistent on having four donuts on the cake.

 While assembling the cake, I ate one of the sour cream donuts. I figured he wouldn’t know it only had three versus four. It was good! 

While Damon ran with Grant at the track, we created a Present Scavenger Hunt. Liam and Nick enjoyed planning it but it was a bit frustrating keeping them quiet so that Grant could figure it out. 

The evening ended with presents and a piñata. Helena was adorable as she hit away at the piñata. 


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