I don’t do Blood

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The boys were happily playing outside tonight. I was on the computer and I hear screaming. I don’t move right away but the screaming is getting louder so I run towards the back door.

Nick is screaming and has blood pouring out of his face. 

***Back history. I don’t do blood. Wisdom teeth out, loopy, I see bloody gauze in my mouth at age fifteen, I start screaming, getting nauseous. Donating blood, both times I did it, I get white as a ghost, my skin starts sweating, I almost pass out. ***

Nick with blood pouring out of his face. I actually stay calm talking to him. I tried to figure out where the blood is coming from, his mouth and nose are covered. I escort him to the bathroom and use the nice black towel and hold it on his face as I try to take deep breaths and keep talking to him. But, the waves of nausea start to roll over me.

I hand him a wad of toilet paper and ask him to hold it to his nose. I yell for Liam, but I guess he went back outside. I’m trying really hard to tell my brain that it is just blood, but I’m starting to sweat. Nick keeps trying to show me all of the blood in the tissue. Each time he does my body has another wave of nausea. I crawl/walk to go get an ice pack to put on his Nick to stop the bleeding. While in the kitchen, I notice that Helena is covered in blue latex wall paint. I grab the paint can that I left on the floor and put it up higher. Helena looks like she belongs in the movie Braveheart. I get the ice pack to him but then know I need another adult. 

I’m pretty sure it is his nose, but I’m not sure if he broke it. I can’t even look at him now and call my mom. No answer. I call my stepmom. No answer. I see my reflection in the mirror. Ghost white. Nick is showing me another wad of bloody toilet paper. I run to the other bathroom and grab him another roll of toilet paper and shove a wad in his hand, avoiding all eye contact with the blood fill tissue. I call Damon on FaceTime as I know he is at a business dinner. No answer. Then I get this…

He calls me on FaceTime but the horribly ridiculous part of this now is I’m laying as flat as possible in the hallway next the bathroom. My poor six year old is holding it together pretty well and I’m laying on the floor holding the phone. My stomach is churning and I can tell that the blood is leaving my own face. Next to the bathroom are two rolled up sleeping bags. I cradle one in my arms and my 1.5 year old daughter flops onto the other one as I try to tell my husband what is happening. 

Luckily Liam comes in and takes the phone to Nick. However he holds the phone so close to Damon that he can’t see Nick. I hear the word blood like fifty times and I slink away to my bedroom to momentarily try and hide from the word blood. He talks Nick through what he needs to do and I crawl back and get the phone and tell him I have to get another adult here. 

Luckily, two more calls to my mom, she answers and I tell her what’s going on. She came over and I once again went back in to Nick. Damon told Nick to lean over and to keep blowing his nose. I sit on the edge of the bathtub and hold the ice pack again on Nick’s neck. He keeps blowing his nose despite me telling him that I think the bleeding has stopped. The sound of it made me nauseous again. I finally put on a YouTube video of Lost Boy and we sang until my mom got there. 

So, lesson learned…I don’t do blood very well at all. Thank goodness for all the medical professionals out there that can. I can deal with other bodily fluids, but blood is not in my skill set. 

For those that made it this far, you might be wondering how Nick hurt himself. He fell face first from our jungle gym. He was trying to do some kind of flip and misjudged the landing. He is okay and went to bed happy. No bruising, just a bad bloody nose. If you’re the praying type, do say a quick prayer for him tonight that he will be okay through the night.

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